The car wash

My old car wash sign found its reason for being today, showing the way to the washroom. The washroom is currently still in my head. I have the washing machine, sink, toilet and shower tray all ready to go though so it will be up and running for Easter.

It looks like only westy will be available for Easter though as the grey 4×4 camper in the ‘Dutch barn’ (named that because it is where Dutch normally lives under cover) is my daily driver (usually) but is in the barn for some well overdue maintenance which has escalated somewhat as these things can do with 30 year old VWs.

Both the YogairBnB campers will be ready in good time for the summer holidays though and I will have my camper back on the road too.

Still a work in progress

The concept

Blacksmith Dan (myself) and best friend Iyengar yoga teacher Lucy Aldridge live at the Wayside in Carbis Bay, just up the hill from lovely St Ives in south west Cornwall.

I have a passion for VW campers and have 3 of them currently. One of them is our home from home and my daily driver but the other two (‘Westy’ and ‘Dutch’) were bought locally because I am a sucker for bargain VW’s. However…I couldn’t bring myself to sell either of them and so we came up with a plan to redesign the garden to house them both so they could be used as spare rooms for people to come to stay in beautiful Carbis Bay in lovely old VW’s. An AirBnB account was opened and I got to work digging up the garden and turning it into the ‘Yarden’ complete with outside cooking facilities and shower/toilet block so the vans could be independant from the main house. It seemed like a simple idea and the plan was to open last summer but summer came and went and it wasn’t quite finished. Plenty of friends and family came and tried them out though and the feedback has been very useful. The Yarden is nearing completion now and we are hoping that at least Westy ( the very imaginatively named 1985 Westfalia hightop) will be available for the Easter holidays and both of them should be available for the summer holidays.

Also, we revised the plan to combine Lucy’s yoga teaching. Lucy has 6 public classes per week just along the road at Carbis Bay Memorial Hall. She also teaches private classes in her little studio at the Wayside and, when the weather is fine, on her new outside yoga deck, and two sessions per week in the summer down on Porthmeor beach in St Ives.

So YogairBnB was born and we invite you to come and stay in Westy or Dutch and study Iyengar yoga with Senior teacher Lucy, either private classes or public or a combination.

I havent worked out how to automate the bookings yet so if you are interested please use the contact form and get in touch.